Genie-Logical Learning

Home-educating or need friendly, supportive help with that homework?

Would you like support that you can mould to suit your needs?

Then contact and have a chat.

We know that learning is better when you have an excellent teacher, who can personlise learning.

Genie-Logical Learning is dedicated to meeting the needs of your child and moulding an individual learning plan to compliment your involvement. The complete maths and English KS1 & KS2 curriculum, incorporating topics such as History and Geography can be covered. Alternatively, there is support with homework offering stand alone sessions to review and accomplish those tricky questions that can dip in and out with customised stand-alone lessons.

At the beginning of this journey, along with a chat to establish your child's needs, your child will be offered a free initial assessment to check their knowledge and gaps. Using a combination of Messages, FaceTime or Zoom, a Whiteboard, PowerPoint, Google Classroom & Google Docs we will work together to improve your child's knowledge.

Genie-Logical Learning is passionate about English and maths, therefore lessons are full of enthusiasm, interesting resources, understanding and patience. With support your child can gain confidence and resilience in their learning.

Commitment to Excellence

My mission is to embrace the pursuit of excellence through successful individual learning available to all abilities. I will encourage critical thinking; emphasize the learning process and create a personal journey to knowledge.

Hours available: 9:00 - 4:30 Mon - Fri

Fees are discussed, as they are dependent on requirements, but as a guide £15.00 / hour for home tutoring and £12.00 / hour for homework support. Discounted prices for referrals.

For further information and interest: go to the contact page